If you see an energy-efficient bright while roof on a commercial building, it’s quite likely that’s TPO roofing in Pensacola, FL. Our bright sunshine makes TPO flat roofing an effective way to reduce cooling costs, while providing an excellent material and installation value as well.

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, one of several single-ply synthetic roofing materials in common use. Considerations involved in your selection among flat roof materials include your energy efficiency needs, installation costs and methods, and chemical makeup.

TPO is available is rolls of material up to 20 feet wide. The naturally reflective surface reflects UV rays as well, enhancing durability over its typically 20-30 years of service. Insulation is installed after cleaning the roof during replacement, and adhesive or mechanical bonding are typically used. A hot-air gun is used for durable, consistent seam welding between stretches of TPO material.