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Roof Replacement

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Every Roof Has an Expiration Date

Sooner or later, every roof needs to be replaced. The typical asphalt roof will only last 15 to 20 years, and while other types of roofs will last longer, they all reach the end of their lifespans eventually. When that happens, it’s time to call a residential roof replacement expert.

Trust Quality Roofing Solutions for all of your roofing installation and replacement needs. Our experts will work closely with you to find the best materials for your needs. Then we’ll make sure your new roof is installed perfectly. With our help, you shouldn’t have to worry about any problems with your roof for a long time.


How You Can Tell It’s Time for a New Roof

Sometimes, it’s obvious to tell that you need a new roof. Major storm damage, for instance, can make even a perfectly installed roof need to be replaced before its time. But many times, the signs you need roof replacement are more subtle.

If you notice any of these signs in or around your roof, it’s time to give Quality Roofing Solutions a call.

  1. Age: An asphalt roof that’s more than 15-20 years old should probably be replaced, not repaired.
  2. Shingle Problems: If your shingles are missing granules, curling, buckling, or missing entirely, it’s time to look into a roof replacement.
  3. Outdated Flashing: Today, it’s standard for chimney flashing to be made of watertight metal. If yours is made of roof tar or cement, it’s a sign that the roof itself is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  4. Gaps in Roof Boards: If you walk into your attic and can see daylight filtering through the roof boards, this means the boards are rotting and need to be replaced. Doing this will entail replacing the entire roof.

Call Today for Roof Replacement!

No matter what signs you’re seeing, when it’s time for a roof replacement, it’s time to call Quality Roofing Solutions. We have the expertise and the knowledge to install a brand-new roof that should last for years. Call us today to get started.