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Even the most well-built asphalt shingle, metal or tile roof requires ongoing maintenance to ensure longevity and top performance. When you take pride in your roof and service it regularly, you are making a significant investment into the safety and value of your home.

Quality Roofing Solutions offers comprehensive roof maintenance in Florida. Our licensed contractors have the experience and skill necessary to work on any type of residential, multi-family or commercial roofing system. To schedule a roof inspection and maintenance, call us today. We are here to help you with all your roofing needs.

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Roof Maintenance Services We Offer

Roof maintenance involves managing small issues or normal wear and tear on your roof to prevent costly repairs or a premature roof replacement. As such, our maintenance services are quick, easy and affordable. We provide roof maintenance services such as:

Leak Repairs

Leaks are tiny issues that lead to big problems. When leaks occur, they can damage your attic, insulation, walls and ceilings, causing thousands of dollars worth of repairs. We identify all leaks and make the necessary repairs to seal your roof from moisture.

Minor Replacements

Do you have missing asphalt shingles or a rusted panel on your metal roof? What about worn out flashing or broken vents? If so, we can make minor replacements that improve the quality and look of your roof.

Fastener Tightening or Replacement

Nails and other types of fasteners can come loose due to high winds or moisture. We inspect your entire roof and look for any loose fasteners. We can also replace or tighten any roof hardware.

Chimneys, Penetrations, Vent Openings, and Skylights

Any penetration in your roof creates a higher risk of drafts or leaks. In addition, all components such as chimneys, vents and skylights need to be replaced or repaired as necessary. We look at all penetrations through the roof to make sure they are properly sealed and in excellent shape.

The Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Ongoing roof maintenance keeps your roof healthy and looking great for many years. There are several benefits of keeping your roof maintained such as:

  • You avoid costly roof repairs down the road.
  • You can extend the life of your roof past the warranty or expected lifespan.
  • A well-maintained roof conserves energy, creating an efficient home interior.
  • Your family is safer during severe weather when your roof is in good condition.
  • The insurance company is less likely to cancel your policy or deny a claim.
  • Maintaining your roof keeps you from voiding your warranty.

We recommend that you schedule roof maintenance every two to three years to keep your roof in excellent condition. You may also want to schedule an inspection after severe weather such as a hurricane. We can perform a thorough assessment and make any necessary repairs or replacements as needed.

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Quality Roofing Solutions offers premier roofing services for homeowners in Florida. To schedule roof maintenance, repairs or a full roof replacement, call us at 850-378-3757 or fill out the quick form on our contact page.