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Roof Inspections on the Coast

Quality Roofing Solutions offers free roof inspections in Florida. Whether you own a home, multi-family complex or a business, we provide a thorough assessment of your roof to identify any weaknesses or damage in the roofing system.

A certified roofing contractor can schedule an inspection that works within your schedule. We can evaluate the overall structural integrity of your roof, roofing materials and proper ventilation while checking for mold or leaks. Contact Quality Roofing Solutions today to schedule your free roof inspection.

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What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

We offer a comprehensive roof inspection that covers all components of your roofing system.

Structural Integrity

We identify any issues that could compromise the structural integrity of your roof. This may include an uneven roof surface or signs of sagging. We also assess your chimney, ventilation and check for any cracks or overall damage that could cause the need for massive repairs or a full replacement down the road.

Rooftop Inspection

If you have a roof with asphalt shingles, we look for any loose, curling, creased or missing shingles along with any possible signs of hail damage. We inspect flashings, penetrations and exhaust vents for proper installation and function. We also look for algae growth, mildew or moss that may occur due to high humidity or overhanging trees. If we discover significant amounts of shingle aggregate in the gutters, it may signify that the shingles have exceeded their useful life or reparability. We assess your metal roof or tile roof in a similar way, looking for signs of damage, deterioration or any reduction in functionality.

Problems in Workmanship

Roofing contractors in Florida must ensure that all roofs are built to meet industry standards, manufacturer specifications and Florida Building Code. We examine your roof for any problems in workmanship or installation.

What Happens After the Roof Inspection?

Once we conduct a full inspection, we provide a detailed report of your roof's overall condition. We highlight, in detail, any issues that we discover and why they need to be addressed. We also provide recommendations on the best way to handle roof damage, poor ventilation, leaks or other issues.

Our roofing contractors in Florida can discuss options such as roof repair, essential maintenance or the need for a full roof replacement. The type of work that we need to perform on your roof depends on the extent of the damage, the age of your roof and what will give you the best results in the long run.

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What Are the Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Like any other component in your home, your roof requires routine inspections and maintenance. There are several benefits of a roof inspection:

  • Ensures the structural integrity of the roof
  • Prevents you from voiding your roof warranty
  • May prevent the insurance company from canceling your policy
  • Helps you maintain the resale/market value of your home
  • Keeps your family safe during severe weather
  • Keeps your home exterior looking beautiful

A roof inspection can keep small issues from turning into larger, more expensive problems that can cost you thousands of dollars. A roof in good condition creates a more efficient home environment, saving you money each month on your energy bills. We recommend scheduling a roof inspection and maintenance every two to three years or as needed.

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