Do you need a new roof for your home? If so, check out the features and benefits of metal roofing. Today’s metal roofs combine style and durability to give you ultimate home protection and modern design. Quality Roofing offers comprehensive metal roof installation and replacement for all types of homes in Florida and Alabama. We can install a full roofing system on your home regardless of the complexity of your roof layout.

    Metal Roofing Contractor

    How do you get started? Contact us today to get a roof inspection. We can fix any issues, go over your installation options and help you pick out the right product for your home. You can schedule an installation that is convenient for you. To find out more about professional metal roofing installation, call Quality Roofing at (850) 204-0443 and request a free estimate. We are your leading roofing contractor in Florida and Alabama.

    Metal Roofing Services for All Types of Projects

    Quality Roofing has been providing premier roofing services for home and business owners in Florida and Alabama since 2006.

    We offer an array of metal roofing services, including
    • Residential Roofing
    • Commercial Roofing
    • Multi-family buildings
    • New building installation

    Types of Metal Roofs We Offer

    When it comes to metal roofing, we only offer the highest quality products on the market today. When you invest in quality metal roofing, you can count on top performance and unmatched durability with little maintenance through the years. The types of metal roofs we offer include:

    Corrugated Metal Roofs

    Corrugated metal roofs can be used for both residential and commercial applications, giving them added versatility. We like corrugated metal roofs for several reasons. They offer dependable weather protection, energy code compliance, enhanced interior comfort, high property value, and carbon emission reduction. Due to their design, corrugated metal roofs are among the most cost-effective and easy to install metal roofs in the industry.

    Because they are lightweight, they require less labor to install and less structural support than other types of metal roofing. Some maintenance is required for corrugated roofs due to their construction. We can re-tighten the fasteners every 3-5 years and replace the fasteners every 12-15 years.

    Standing Seam Metal Roofs

    Standing seam metal is constructed from metal panels that span your entire roof, running from the ridge to the eave. Each panel has a seam that connects to the adjacent panel and covers the nailing fin or clips which lock onto the panel seam and are attached to the roof deck. This design keeps all metal roofing fasteners hidden beneath the finished metal roof and eliminates all the maintenance related to the fasteners with a corrugated metal roof.

    Standing seam roofs can consist of almost any material. However, most homeowners prefer either aluminum or steel. Standing seam roofs are highly durable, attractive and, with the right material choice, rust-proof as well. They can last more than 50 years with routine care and maintenance.

    Why Choose Quality Roofing

    Our skilled team of contractors is highly trained, licensed, and insured. We take pride in every aspect of our work, from our responsive customer service to the care and craftsmanship we put into our roofs.

    When you partner with us to replace or repair your roof, you can on the following:
    • A transparent, accurate and fair estimate
    • Professionalism and courtesy at every level of the job
    • Timely completion of the project according to your schedule
    • Our guarantee of the quality of labor and materials used
    • A metal roofing system that meets or exceeds industry standards and safety codes
    • Full collaboration with you throughout each stage of the project
    • A warranty that covers your investment

    Regardless of how complex your roofing system is or what type of building you have; our team is prepared to take on your project. We offer metal roofing for residential, commercial, and multi-family buildings.

    Benefits of Metal Roofing

    Whether installing a roof on a new home or needing a professional roof replacement, metal roofing has several benefits. You can choose from tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel — just make sure your metal roofing material is tested and labeled by UL, FM Global, or the equivalent, and that you check with your local building department for any code requirements.

    Traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life expectancy of 12-20 years. By comparison, metal roofs can last 50 to 75 years, depending on the material. Metal roofs also require minimal maintenance during their lifespan. You may pay a little more upfront for a quality roof, however, you will benefit from significant savings over the years.

    Metal roofs can sustain wind gusts of 149 to 180 miles per hour. The material will not corrode or crack. It is also impact-resistant. Metal roofs also do not require the costly maintenance that other roofing materials often need over the years.

    Metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames during a fire or lightning strike. Manufacturers now engineer products that are eligible for Class A, B, or C fire ratings as determined by roof preparation, in addition to being fire-resistant.

    Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by up to 50%. They also reduce thermal transference into your house and create a seal that eliminates water and air leaks. This creates a more energy-efficient environment inside the structure.

    Metal roofs contain 25-95% recycled content and are also 100% recyclable throughout their lifespan. In contrast, most shingle tear-off waste ends up as part of the building-related waste stream.

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